CISO/CSO Boot Camp

Leadership development is a critical component to businesses worldwide. With the growing concern of data breaches, insider threats, cyber-attacks and ransomware, businesses are placing higher importance on the role of who leads information security and where it resides within the organization. Executive leadership is paramount to the success of security programs; the C-level overseeing cybersecurity must be equal to or greater than other operational functions. He or she must have an understanding of appropriate Board level concerns regarding the business’s mission and vision and how information security enables those objectives. Businesses are becoming more eager to equip their executives with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and expertise to run their organizations with data security and privacy at the forefront.

CISO Boot Camp is a 3-day instructor-led boot camp designed to help executive leaders develop their critical skills for security leadership and strategic planning in the corporate information security environment. The CISO Boot Camp will be conducted in a face-to-face environment to facilitate group discussions, case scenarios, and hands-on activities as well as lessons learned for the field. This will arm the security professionals to obtain greater respect within their institutions by being able to put information security initiatives into the language the rest of the C-level and Board need to execute initiatives. We will explore the importance of the CISO role within organizations, where the CISO role best reports to, and the pros and cons of each reporting structure, how to develop and implement effective security policies, build relationships, learn how to effectively respond to challenges and develop solutions to overcome them.

Attendees may be eligible to receive 27 CPE credits.

Who Should Attend:
• Chief Information Security Officers
• Information Security Officers/Managers
• IT Security Managers
• Cyber Security Officers
• Information Technology Directors
• Transitioning Information Security Analysts
• Corporate Information Security Succession Planning

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Day 1: Defining Yourself as the CISO

Going Up
• Where does the CISO fit into the organization best and why?
• Pros & Cons of Reporting to the ……
• Trends in the CISO roles & responsibilities
• How to negotiate the job opportunity
• What is MICP and what do I need to know about it before accepting a CISO role
• The org chart
• Actual responsibilities

Going Down!
• Responsibility overlaps
• Where do the CISO roles & responsibilities overlap with other organizations
• How to handle those relationships
• Why establish these relationships early

Don’t Throw Technology where Policy Isn’t: Policies, Procedures, Standards, Guidelines and Processes

Day 2: Finance for the CISO (or even CIO/CSO)

  • Budgets
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • “How to Make a 5 Yr Strategic Plan when the Technology Changes in 6 Months”
  • Staffing (the importance of certification versus hiring to fill)
  • Vendor relationships
  • Mock budget and review

How to get & keep executive support

Day 3: Responding to “Emergencies” or “How to Communicate When You Really Don’t Want to”


  • How to handle the press
  • How to handle the “ups”(the members of the Board of Directors)
  • How to handle the “downs” (frantic IT admins, regional managers, HR)
  • Pre break announcement of a possible problem that may need your attention